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Public Relationship Management

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PR is very important element which works silently however, builds up noteable imperation in customer mind. Our key services includes Reputation Management, Influencer Marketing, Media connects and many more.

  • Service Details

    Customer Engagement Programs
    Promotional events, Offers, Loyalty program & Referral Program

    Influencer Marketing

     Instagram - 2000+ followers
     Zomato - Lvl 10 and above

     Also coverage on Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook and other platforms

     Coordination with Social Media team
     Event Calendars, Blogs over website & Press Releases

     Local Event Management and Promotions
     Horn Ok Please, Grub Fest and more

     Local Media Management (Paid)
     Promotions in Delhi Metro, Newspapers, FM Radio and  Advertisement platforms

     Vendor Management
     Restaurant Search and Online Delivery Platform
     i.e., Zomato, Swiggy, Dine-out, Uber Eats

    Client Reputation Management
     Responding to all customer responses like TripAdvisor,  Zomato and Google and maintaining NSP

     Social Celebrities Paid Endorsements
     Youtubers: 100k - 5 million subscribers or Instagram: 100k - 2 million followers

     Dedicated PR Resource (2-3 years experience in PR from similar industry)